Music Won’t Cheat On You Or Tell You Lies


My Story

Cynthia Atagbuzia, popularly known as Cyclone Artemis, is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Benin. Cynthia’s passion for entertainment drove her to venture into the music industry in 2010. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, she talks about her career, her kind of music, experiences and so much more

Tell us about your kind of music?

I will describe my current sound as Neo-Afropop Soul. I started my career as a rapper. So hiphop remains an underlying factor in my music. But, I am currently experimenting with others and I’m loving it. I have a burden of expression and I am always seeking new channels to best interpret my emotions. I figured rap limited me in certain ways so I chose to sing more.

What’s music to you and what would you say makes good music?

Music is the ultimate bae to me. Music won’t cheat on you or tell you lies. I believe good music is any piece that effortlessly resonates with whatever frequency one is tuned into at any given time and serves a unique purpose.

What are your upcoming projects?

I had an EP planned for this year but my team and I have changed the strategy into disseminating single projects over the year, while working on wholesome projects that will by then have decent listenership. I have at least three singles waiting to be released but I also have a lot of viral content and features in the cut too.

Who are your musical influences and mentors?

My musical influences are quite diverse and can dart from The Weeknd to Burna Boy, but there is a whole lot of other acts that sure contributed to my foundation – Beyonce, Lil Kim, Jarule, Modenine, Terry Tha Rapman, Avant, Jlo and many more. I have a lot of mentors across various sectors but in the music scene, there’s Michael Ugwu, CEO and Founder of Freeme Digital. Modenine and Terry tha Rapman have also been super instrumental to my career over the years and may even be responsible for the idea behind my first ever release.

What makes your music exceptional and what extra slice do you put in it?

I think that what makes my music special is the fact that it mirrors certain sides of me that people do not get to see on a daily basis. I put raw and honest emotions that I hope people on the same frequency and vibration as me can instantly connect with.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

In a few years, many more people would have caught on to my music and I hope the music gets better. Of course, I also see myself in the company of the love of my life and hopefully, some mini mes. I definitely see myself being at my happiest and breaking major bread with my tribe.