I Can’t Do Surgery Just to Be Sexy


Ijeoma Thomas is a Nollywood actress and producer who is passionate about her craft and applies high level of discipline. She has grown in the industry and has become a toast of directors and producers. She talks to Tosin Clegg about her acting, Nollywood at large and so much more

I have featured in a lot of movies


y first job was produced 2009 and it’s called Nkwocha. After that, I produced two jobs last year, which are yet to come out. Asides production, I have featured in a lot of movies such as Return of the Billionaires, Stubborn Prince, B for Boy, Too Much Money, London Boy, Seed of Power, Never End, The Monk, Egg of Sacrifice, Eagle Sacrifice, Lesbian Queen, Soldier Ant, Business Girls, Wisdom of Thomas, Scout Master and so many others that I have lost count of.

The job is hectic

Anybody that loves you will love everything around you and that includes your job. Anybody that loves you will cope, no matter how hectic the job is. Most people know that acting is not an easy thing. You have to leave your home, your family and just focus on the job. 

 Why I celebrated my birthday at an orphanage

I celebrated my birthday at an orphanage and I was so happy and full of joy. You need to see the way the kids were around me touching me. They prayed for me, cut my cake with me and, you know, I was so joyful. I was so overwhelmed, in fact, I don’t know how to say it, you won’t understand how I felt that very day and I think if not for any other thing I am happy with my self.

 Celebrities do surgery nowadays, but not me

I am not considering any part of my body going under surgery just to be sexy or shape my body. This is how my God created me and I am still like that and I am not thinking or considering going under any surgery for anything. Yes, I try as much as I can to watch it by not eating everything that passes by and by going to the gym. That is how I maintain the shape and for now I think I am cool with it; so I am not thinking of surgery.

 One of my most challenging roles

Most of them are challenging though, the one that I can remember is Stubborn Prince. At least, it is recent and challenging, because I was made to play a role I was not used to. In the movie, I play the role of a very wicked princess trying to protect her brother and family. I had to go extra mile to do a whole lot of things and I dealt with the characters of Zuby Micheal and Chizzy Alichi. But for me, no matter the amount I am being paid to go naked, I will not do it.

 There is huge progress in the movie industry

When we came in, it wasn’t like it is now. There is progress, once you know what you are doing, then definitely you will make a way. I have gone through a lot of newspapers; I’ve seen people talking about the industry, like women having lots of challenges bla-bla-bla. For me, I don’t call it challenge, because it is everywhere; even the people working in the bank, if they tell you what they are going through, you’ll know that the one in the industry is very small. That of the bank is like you have to do it or you quit.

 Embarrassing experience

The most embarrassing experience I have had was after this movie in which I played a very mean girl. I was wicked to my sister; I was really mean in that role. So, one day, I went out to get something and people were looking at me like ‘is that not the wicked girl in that movie?’ They accused me of being very wicked for treating my sister like that. I remember the film, it’s Ara Di. So, they were like I was very mean to have snatched my sister’s husband. I was trying to explain to them that it was a movie, but they didn’t want to listen, I was so embarrassed and left.

Plans for 2020

It’s to continue learning and this year will be a big year for me with some exciting stuff happening soon. In 2019, I gave it to them hot, hot, hot. Those following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know that there was no breathing space for me last year. This year, I promise my fans that I am going to work harder than last year. So, they should expect greater things from me.

Best Valentine gift                        

Of course yes, I can recall my memorable Valentine gift which is life God has given me. At least, I’m alive today because He loves me. I think that is my memorable Valentine gift from Him.

 His gift is more than every other gift I can receive on earth. For me, Valentine reminds me of our Lord Jesus who’s a great gift to humanity.