Equipment Hall to Proffer Innovative IT Solutions


Ayodeji Ake

The Nigerian leading gold partner of Dell technologies; Equipment hall, has strengthened customer’s interest, sharing bottom-line transformation through innovative Information Technology solutions.

The presumed leading Nigerian gold partners of Dell Technology Equipment hall hosted Dell Technologies and other client solely technology executives (TECHEXEC) to address salient issues on IT development in Nigeria.

They also recommended possible solutions as regards partnership with Dell technologies during the discussion at the Techexec Breakfast, recently held in Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of Equipment Hall, Gbolahan Olayemi, represented by Terae Onyeji, noted that the event is geared at bringing together a consortium of technology companies and experts for a greater IT reform.

“Earlier in the year we decided to start a series of small intimate meets among technology experts because there is so much information coming from different sides, a lot of the time, important information slips through the crack, so this event is about putting them together in the room, talking about what is so good in terms of technology of best practices in the recent times and doing a lot of information sharing, best practices sharing.

“The series is meant to achieve more information with partners and potential partners about what Equipment hall does as a business, about what DELL does as a business and more importantly we are DELL’s largest partner in the region, so it is important we share the latest and the greatest from the best name in hardware technology,” she said.

The Marketing Manager, Equipment Hall, Nathaniel Ligbago, buttressed the point that companies should upgrade their IT infrastructure to minimise cost and enhance growth.

“Companies should begin to look for ways to upgrade their IT infrastructures because when you have the proper infrastructure in place, you are sure of not spending so much and once you are not spending so much on trying to do what technology can actually do for you, you will have you bottom-line increased.”

Ligbago further explained that the world is growing technological wise. “The future is tech, for us to organise this event is a call to everyone especially the youth and student to know that if they want to become relevant in the 21th century, they need to be tech savvy and technology driven in every way and manner they approach their careers and the manner they grow themselves technologically.”