There are so Many Talents in Nigeria that Needs to be Recognized – Dabenja

Nigeria, the most populous African country with more than 150m people, and a lot of Nigerians feel very proud about the abundance of talent in the country. However, young people try to find their path in life as they grow up, and when they find something they’re really good at and enjoy doing, they try to develop it on their own but due to some circumstances they seem not to be recognized, this and more Nigerian Philanthropist Dabenja addressed in a recent chat with our media correspondent, he says;

“Some people are very passionate and ambitious about their talent, especially the musicians but because of their location or their financial circumstances, they don’t get access to facilities that can facilitate the development of their gift and the people who can help them get up. This constitutes a very huge limitation for many young, gifted Nigerians on a global scale.

Many countries in the world take talent discovery and development very seriously, and they have strong programmes and institutions that create opportunities to prepare young talents for the top level regardless of whatever industry they find themselves. However, there aren’t as many adequate platforms, programmes and institutions for young people in Nigeria aspiring to be the best in the world through using their talent. A consequence of all these systemic problems is that Nigeria is lagging far behind on a global level in nearly every field despite its enormous potential, and some people are concerned that this trend might continue for a long time. That’s one of the reasons I created my foundation which I always wanted to set up right from childhood. Growing up in a strict Christian home, my dad taught me the act of giving and I know what it means to be hungry. I also wanted to create an impact on as many lives as I can and be a blessing in society.”

Dabenja whose real names are Benjamin Uwah currently runs a foundation called “Dabenja Foundation”, asides the foundation; Dabenja is a multi-talented musician whose songs include ‘Select’, ‘Sugarbaby’, ‘Take Away’ amongst others and his 2019 hit single ‘Yakata’. He recently released two single to kick start the year 2020 titled “911” & “Blessing”. Dabenja is also a brand ambassador for Pagepedia, as he won the AEA award for West African/Central African Act of the Year in Malaysia.

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