Nike Celebrates Sam Adeyemi at 53

Sam Adeyemi


The Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi was 53 last Monday and his wife, Nike, celebrated him in a special way, reports Ferdinand Ekechukwu 

Birthdays come once a year. For Pastor Sam Adeyemi, his was on Monday February 3, 2020. His wife, Nike, spent most of the day celebrating him. Just as it is now the fad with most celebrities, Mrs. Adeyemi took to her social media handle to share photos of herself and husband on Instagram to mark the occasion.

Nike, who is a Co-founder and Deputy Senior Pastor of the church called Adeyemi her “lover, leader and bestie, gist partner, prayer partner, travel partner, life partner” and prayed for a long and fulfilled life. Nike also posted a picture of her family taken 13 years ago, saying: “We forget not! The children and I are grateful for the grace to support your calling, thanks for supporting me, and each of us too. I love you handsome!”

Sam Adeyemi married Nike on May 1, 1993. They have three children. The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in May 2018 with a vacation to the Caribbean. He is a great motivational speaker and loved to focus on success. Still on their marriage, a report says he met his wife when she just started attending the church.

As contained in the story, it wasn’t the love at first sight, but she claimed: “I really did not have much feeling for him, but as time went on, I heard God tell me that he was the man for me”. It was a different story for Pastor Adeyemi, who said: “My heart did not deceive me when it exclaimed, “This is the kind of a girl one should marry,” the first day I chatted with you. I sure understand how Adam felt the first time he sighted Eve. I followed my heart and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Like her husband, she is in charge of many organisations. Nike is passionate about family, enterprise and education.  She is a gracious helper and problem solver, anointed to bring emotional healing to hurting women through the teaching and preaching of God’s word.  She is at the forefront of reformation of dysfunctional families, with the belief that right parenting and godly values shape children into exceptional Leaders.

She presides over a non-profit organisation in Lagos, Nigeria known as Real Woman Foundation. An organisation dedicated to empowering women and children economically and socially; through seminars, vocational skills training, a family school, rehabilitation programmes and the Love Home Orphanage.  Through this organisation several abused women have been transformed; many have gone from the streets to having college education, own businesses, while many rescued babies now thrive with the hope of a brighter future.

When he was a little boy, he never thought that he would dedicate himself to the church as he never imagined that years later he would become the founder of the fast growing Daystar Christian Centre. It was all in his future. As he got older, Sam Adeyemi became a pastor in one of the local churches.

Pastor Adeyemi and his wife, Nike, had experienced some early struggles that led them to fasting and prayer. The Pastor claimed that in July 1994 he received a great vision. He was told things that resulted in the creation of the Daystar Christian Center and Success Power International Ministry. Pastor Adeyemi also said that he could not have done it without his wife. A year later, on November 18, 1995, the married couple created the Daystar Christian Centre at the Eko Chinese hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. In the beginning, it was hard to hold the church together. But with time, they overcame the initial challenges that bothered on rent and leased space for the congregation.

His vision to realise the evolution of a New Nigeria motivated him to establish a leadership school called the Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) where leadership principles are taught to develop a new generation of leadership for Nigeria and the world in its entirety. He believes that when you build the man, you can change the world. He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specialises in organising financial, leadership and motivational seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership school for business owners and ministers of the Gospel.

Sam Adeyemi has authored several books including the bestselling – Parable of Dollars and Success Is Who You Are. Others include Ideas Rule the World, Start with What You Have, Second Revolution, Multiply Your Success: LEAD and his latest additions, Nigeria of My Dreams, Generation Z+ and We Are The Government.