Amotekun: Recruit Non-Yorubas Experienced in Security Outfit, PDP Chieftain Suggests


Sylvester Idowu in Warri

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party and former governorship aspirant in Delta state, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has suggested that non -orubas, who have stayed in the South West region for more than 10 years and profiled as patriotic citizens, should also be recruited into Amotekun.

Speaking with Journalists in Warri yesterday while reacting to the opposition by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACABAN) to the establishment of the South West Security outfit, Chief Onuesoke said his suggestion was borne out of the fact that Amotekun was to protect all residents in that region and to also stave off attacks by other ethnic groups across the country.

“I want to suggest that for equitable justice and fairness, the outfit should also recruit members from other tribes, who have lived in the South West for more than 10 years and who have been profiled as patriotic citizens,” he advised.

Chief Onuesoke, however, took a swipe at MACABAN’s opposition to Amotekun, wondering why the group was already insinuating injustice against a security outfit that was yet to carry out any operation.

It would be recalled that the  National President of MACBAN, Muhammadu Kirowa  said that the association has broken ties with the Yoruba nation for going ahead with their Amotekun Security Network.

Kirowa, speaking in Abuja, said that the association and it’s affiliates wiould cease to support the political ambitions of the Yoruba people, adding  that the much debated Amotekun Security Network was formed to disrupt cattle herders in the South West. The group was reported to have said they would crush Amotekun and all their evil plots against them.

But, Onuesoke wondered why the cattle breeders were so opposed and jittery to the formation of the security outfit which is meant to protect lives and property of those living in Yoruba territories.

The PDP chieftain maintained that there was more to the rage and anger felt by the cattle breeders  than Nigerians knew about, adding that they have been very edgy since Amotekun came to stay and they should be watched closely.

Onuesoke, who described the Yorubas as calm and peaceful people who use  their brains to make  choices wisely said,  “Why did the cattle breeders spokeman  issuing a threatening comments, like that?

“Was these security operations been launched to hunt them or for the wicked ones in our society. The Cattle breeders should mind their utterances in other to promote  peace , love  and  unity among the people.

“We Should love our neighbors as commanded by God. I hope the Yoruba people will develop some strong sense of reasoning from their experiences in the struggle for Amotekun.

” One should be suspicious of any eighbour who complains that the wall he/she is erecting to secure their property is too high. There are over 250 tribes in Nigeria, I don’t know why a particular tribe is already feeling jittery about this security set up. Unless there is an ulterior motive we are yet to know about”, he said.

Onuesoke, who advised that the Amotekun Security Outfit should  operate with decency and decorum within the ambit of the law,

“Also, let the supervision of the Amotekun be under the Police in conjunction with other Security agencies. The principle of Amotekun should be Community Policing and there should be a legal and operational framework to guide their activities,” he stated.