EnergyHubTM, Oil Industry Information Marketplace Launched


Peter Uzoho

EnergyHubTM, a digital oil and gas information marketplace has been introduced to drive the petroleum industry operations in Nigeria.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos, during the media launch of the platform, the Lead Promoter of EnergyHub and Chairman of Entek Resources Limited, Dr. Felix Amieyeofori, stated that the newly created digital marketplace and collaboration platform would drive effective operational growth in Nigerian energy industry.

Amieyeofori, added that EnergyHub which has debuted in the nation’s energy space, was designed to provide seamless collaborations amongst all industry players in the energy sector – oil and gas service providers, operators, original equipment Manufacturers (OEM), investors, regulators, academia, renewable energy, and energy information and technology providers.

He noted that the digital marketplace or “Collaboration Room” was equally aimed at empowering B2B, B2C and C2C collaboration for businesses that provides energy to Africa.

Amieyeofori said: “The platform, EnergyHubTM provides the digital space for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Vendors and Suppliers, Service and Technology Providers, Free Zone Operators, Oil and Gas Operators, Regulators and Government Agencies, the Academia, Professional Associations and all Stakeholders in the Energy Spectrum, to interact and collaborate seamlessly via a few clicks.

“For any developed country, an industry must have a relationship with the institutions, because an industry has to come from innovation, creativity and l noticed that our higher institutions are isolated and disconnected from the industry.

“There is no feedback mechanism. Many times l challenge my friends in the oil industry. l said Nigeria has been producing oil since 1958 and how come by now we don’t have a Nigerian oil and gas technology, something that belongs to us?

“There is still a like in the industry. That symbiotic relationship, that thinking as one industry and coming together are still lacking.
On the other hands, l see that lots of people both in and out, were not able to access information in the industry.

“They don’t know what is happening in the industry. Sometimes, somebody like me is being called on how to get vessels or materials for their operations and l suggested that, it will be nice if we can create an EnergyHub or “Collaboration Room” that everyone both operators and stakeholders can access if they wanted something in the industry”.

He also said the platform provides a space where all energy stakeholders can enquire, acquire, lease, sell, advertise, and market their products and services just at the push of the button.

“Our vision is to see all stakeholders in the oil and gas, and the broader energy spectrum to efficiently transact their businesses within a digital community at any time”, Amieyeofori noted.
He said the business to business interface will support quick business decisions that will significantly eliminate wastages in terms of time and costs in service and product delivery.

Commenting on the vision of the platform, the Corporate Business Manager, EnergyHub, Ms. Blessing Muoneme, also pointed out that Energyhub would further provide topical energy news and updates, events/conferences and business intelligence for all its partners.

According to her, “this is to ensure that all our partners are kept abreast with every information that will enhance their business decisions.
“The benefits of the EnergyHubTM is massive. The vision is to offer opportunities for research based economy where both oil and gas operators, academics and researchers can tap into the opportunities.”