Delta: SSG Set to Flag off Python Programme

Donald Peterson

Ugo Aliogo

The Secretary to the Delta State Government, Hon. Chinedu Ebie, (esq) will flag off a free computer technology training programme with emphasis on ‘PYTHON’ programming language.

The initiative which is being organised by Dr. Donald Peterson under the aegis of the D. Peterson Foundation in conjunction with the College of Education, Agbor, Delta State, would take place on February, 15 at the College Main Hall, Old Site.

According to a statement made available to THISDAY by the foundation, “Python is a general purpose and high level programming language that can be used for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. Also, Python, as a high level programming language, allows you to focus on core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks.”

The statement also stated that some of the world class software companies that uses Python includes: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Spotify, Quora and others.

The statement added that presently over 1,200 youths from Ika Federal Constituency in Delta State has already registered for this programme.

According to the statement, “The economic benefits of this programme to the Ika youths, including making Agbor as a hub for tech-companies in needs of programmers. The participants of this programme will acquire life skills as programmers to enable them create their own start-up tech and innovative companies. The youths’ economic self-worth will be enhanced. Employment opportunities will increase through outsourcing and the training the trainers project. Crime rate will reduce since the youths will be engaged in active economic activities. Local economic activities will improve and more allied industries will spring up. Good news from Dr. Donald Peterson is that he has assured the Ika youths that the second phase of this programme will be on the area of graphic technology.”