R&B Communications Partners Isaac Emokpae in “Idea Loom”


Yinka Olatunbosun

The lush view, with a tennis table, at the new office of R&B Communications in Ikoyi, Lagos, was swarmed by some members of the creative industry last Thursday as R&Bannounced its 2020 Creative Partnership with Isaac Emokpae, one of Nigeria’s finest abstract expressionist painters.

A tour of the facility revealed an array of thought-provokingwall and floor paintings as well as an old typewriter as installation: a major attention-grabber.

The first in its series, ‘The Idea Loom’ is Isaac Emokpae’s interpretation of the synergy between R&B Communications and its publics; a unique call for unison, harmony and sustainability in business. The artist described ‘The Idea Loom’ as “homage to ideas; a celebration of thought and its power, which when properly weaved and harnessed can achieve great and far-reaching consequences.’

Threads run across the work space with significant meaningas the artist used them to represent the interconnectivity of the human experience at work and in personal relationships. Emokpae joked about how he restrained from placing too much of the ropes in the space for the ease of movement.

Next, visitors were ushered into the room where idea are brewed. In it, all sat on the floor that had been painted with metallic enamoured paint to give it a sparkling effect.

Emokpae gushed about the freedom he enjoyed while working on this project with a tight deadline. He conceptualised and executed the paintings and installations without interferences from the R&B team.

Adeoye Omotayo, Executive Director, R&B Communications, remarked that “R&B PR has enjoyed a very long, deep and meaningful relationship with Nigerian arts, culture, film, music and entertainment over the years. We are therefore honoured to have top talent from this growing sector treat our walls and our space as canvas for showcasing the incredible work that they do.”

Each of this wall painting series will last for 12 months as pointed out by Remi Okunlola, Partner Chair of R&B Communications.

“The Idea Loom will adorn the walls of our headquarters for the next 12 months, when another of the nation’s foremost creatives will be invited to shine their creative floodlights on the next 12 months of our collaborative endeavours,” he declared.

With his artistry, Emokpae appropriates simple application of varied media to evoke deep psychological reflection. The doors of R&B Communications are open all year round to view this phenomenal work by Isaac Emokpae.