Jubilation over Autonomous Status of Umuorilike Village

The red cap chiefs

Mary Ovie

The number one citizen of Amorka, HRH Igwe K. O. Obiriolemgbe and the eldest man in Amorka Elder Nwakanwa Dikebuenyi, recently inaugurated Umuorilike as an autonomous village in Amorka, Anambra State.

Umuorilike was formally declared the ninth village of Amorka community having satisfied the requirements traditionally and otherwise to stand as a village. Other villages are Umuezike, Umueze, Umuejim, Umuezeala, Ikenga, Umunakwa, Umuokpara, Umuanum.

Others present at the inauguration were the President General of Amorka United Union (AUU) Prof Someone Alozieruwa; the President General of Umuorilike Chief Chinwuba Ndukaihe, who led prominent sons and daughters of Umuorilike home and abroad, all head chiefs of the eight villages and other cabinet members of the Igwe.

The Igwe commended Umuorilike for their joint efforts to ensure this day becomes a reality, charging other kindreds that are qualified to become a village in Amorka to push through for their autonomy that it will be granted.

Also speaking, the President General of Umuorilike, Chief Chinwuba Ndukaihe, thanked HRH Igwe K.O. Obiriolemgbe; the President General, Prof Someone Alozieruwa, the eldest man in Amorka Elder Nwakanwa Dikebuenyi, and Amorka Council of Chiefs, for making the memorable event a success, promising that the newly created village will continue supporting the development of Amorka Community.

Ndikaihe added that nothing will break their relationship with Umueze, the village Umuorilike was carved out from. Umuorilike will now become the youngest village in Amorka until another village is created.

After the inauguration, Umuorilike unanimously adopted Chief Dennis Asikogu as the head of the newly create village.