Motorcycle Operators Fault Lagos Govt over Ban


Ugo Aliogo

A coalition of operators leveraging technology within the motor-taxi industry has faulted the position of the Lagos State Government in its recent ban on commercial motorcycles operating in some routes in the state.

They urged the government to rather commence the regularisation of the sector as against outright ban.

Speaking Wednesday at a press conference jointly addressed by Metro Africa Xpress ( and Gokada, the Co-Founder and CEO of, Mr. Adetayo Bamiduro, noted that they have since inception complied with the Lagos State rules guiding commercial motorbike operations in the state.

“In communicating the decision to restrict the operations of commercial motorcycles and tricycles in the affected areas, the government spokesperson cited ‘safety and security concerns’ as the primary reasons for the decision.

“The government’s spokesperson relied on the Lagos State transport Sector Reform Law 2018 as the legal backing for this decision. The referenced law restricts motorcycles from operating on major highways in the state but however makes an exception for motorcycles with engine capacity above 200cc.

“This has always been a guideline for our operations and investments as we have always operated in compliance with all existing laws and regulations, including compliance with engine capacity requirements,” Bamiduro said.

He further maintained that all their motorcycles “are 220cc engines, a 10 per cent premium above the regulatory requirement”.

“For clarity, Section 15 of the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform (Road Traffic Regulations) states that “subject to the provision of section 46 of this law, motorcycles above 200cc are exempted from the restriction on the use of motorcycles on the state highways. Section 46 is the general provision that restricts motorcycles and tricycles from highways in the state,” he added.

Collaborating Bamiduro’s statement, the Pilot Operations Manager at Gokada, Mr. Victor Daminabo, noted that they are also fully compliant with the provisions of the law prohibiting the operations of motorcycles without rider and passenger helmets amongst others.

His words, “We are also fully compliant with the requirements of the law prohibiting the operations of motorcycles without rider and passenger helmets, carrying more than one passenger, comprehensive insurance.”

According to him, “in addition to being fully compliant with the relevant laws, we have also in the course of our constant engagements with the government, demonstrated that we have the infrastructure and investments to address all safety and security concerns regarding the operations of motorcycles in the state.”

The group also expressed fears that the directive by the Lagos State Government to ban commercial motorcycles and tricycles from operating in the said area from February 1, might lead to over 3,000 job losses for drivers, and full-time staff of the companies and also affect the massive investment already made by both local and foreign investors in the industry.