CeedCap Joins Global Startup Studio Network as First African Studio


Ugo Aliogo

CeedCap has revealed its official membership into the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN), a network of venture builders, giving startups the power to create and grow powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home.

According to a statement made available to THISDAY by the company, the milestone is a major move for CeedCap on its mission to become Africa’s leading venture builder and impact investor.

It also stated that CeedCap’s goal is to create 500,000 jobs across Africa by 2050 through digital innovation and impact investing in remarkable entrepreneurs with ambitious and sustainable ideas.

The statement further noted that startups in Africa are growing at a rapid pace, but despite the recent successes and heightened global recognition, a lot of entrepreneurs still struggle to appropriately execute their ideas.

“The fact remains that a majority of startups still identify poor execution, limited funding, and market access as the primary drivers of most failed innovative ideas,” the statement said.

The Managing Partner at CeedCap, Kessiena Majemite, remarked the studio model of building and launching new ventures have been around for a while, adding that it has not been standardised.

He added: “Becoming a GSSN studio means we-like other studios-work to achieve the gold standard of building and launching more successful impact startups across Africa.”

The statement said GSSN provides the highest quality support to studios and their founders, leading to incredible outcomes for startups across the globe, “best known for achieving local impact and global reach, GSSN Studios represents true leadership in the global industry.”

The Director, GSSN, Nick Zasowski, hinted GSSN is not for everyone, and rightfully so, noting that GSSN Studios represent the world’s most respected studios as well as some of the most inspiring pioneers working to grow startup ecosystems in unexpected places, “and this credibility benefits us all.”

Majemite further said: “Our vision at CeedCap is to develop a framework for entrepreneurs to build sustainable ventures by providing the human and financial resources, as well as offer early-stage investors a vehicle to diversify and de-risk their portfolios. At CeedCap, we believe digital inclusion through early-stage investment is a channel to unlock next-generation opportunity and bridge the poverty gap for African.”

According to the statement: “CeedCap is the first startup studio in Africa to be named a GSSN Studio. This membership gives CeedCap startups, access to a number of opportunities including the following: Investor Connections: Access to a community of investors interested in investing in both studio funds and startups raising capital within the studio. Corporate Connections: A platform providing connections for portfolio companies out of GSSN Studios to GSSN’s relevant corporate partners. Exclusive Shared Practices: GSSN has in-depth resources containing answers to operational and logistics questions involved with running a studio.”