The Chinese have always had a fascination with walls culminating in the ‘Great Wall of China’ to keep the invaders out. They soon realised that walls don’t stop things coming in.

Now they have put up another set of walls around a number of cities, initially Wuhan, to stop the disease Coronavirus escaping but again the walls failed.

Coronavirus has started to spread, and we see desperate attempts to stop its spread, but the emphasis must be on curing rather than just containing the problem. The modern world moves too fast for walls to work.

The real dilemma is to find a solution using the full range of scientific research including vaccinations, often under attack from the ignorant and antibiotics which are starting to fail in many cases because of their overuse. There is a need for massive increases in funding for medical research.

Let’s hope there is a solution and that it is found soon.

Dennis Fitzgerald,

Melbourne, Australia