Rapid Delivery Set to Tackle Logistic Challenges in Nigeria

Rapid Delivery initiator, Olagbenjo

Mary Nnah

The initiator of Rapid Delivery, a mobile app for deliveries and logistics, Kehinde Olagbenjo, has assured the company will tackle the logistic challenges faced in the country.

The platform aims to use innovation and technology to transform the delivery booking process and improve the clients and drivers/riders experience.

Speaking recently, Olagbenjo explained that: “As one of the emerging players in the mobile transportation network space, we ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfilment using technology to make logistics and delivery hassle free for everyone.

“What we want is to create a smarter, faster, and more effective delivery platform for all. We invest in two main areas: technology and customer support.

“Rapid Delivery provides you with quality transport service for everyday delivery of goods and connect clients/customers to safe, reliable riders/drivers from professional drivers/riders across Nigeria”, he added.

Olagbenjo hinted that one of the benefits of using their platform is the wallet, adding, “especially for vendors that do payment on delivery. Avoid issues with your cash. Customers and vendors can pay and transfer money to each other using the wallet”.

Explaining the process of getting on the platform, he said, “ Download our mobile app) Get a rider in just two Clicks. Once a rider has accepted to deliver your goods, you will be able to view their movement. You can track the rider to confirm the arrival point and time. You can as well know the riders available in your locations.

“The rider will accept your order and your goods will be picked up at your location. Our reliable riders will get your goods delivered to your desired location. You can track the goods and the movement of the rider from your phone.

“When your goods are being delivered, the receiver (clients) pay between cash or cashless with rapid delivery wallet and we do payment on delivery. We also encourage both the vendors and customers to use our wallet for transaction in order to avoid issues with cash payment.”

Olagbenjo is a graduate of The School of Media and Communication and Enterprise Development Centre both of the Pan Atlantic University. He also holds a certificate in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Venture from the University of Maryland USA.

He is the CEO of KJOWORLD Business Enterprises, Director at Urock Media International, Co-founder of Classiqueamaastore and also presides as the president of The Land is Green Africa Foundation.