Clergyman Advised Gospel Artists to Engage in Contemporary Style

Pastor Sola

In a bid to change the narratives of gospel songs and engaging in generational message, Pastor Sola Adebayo has advised gospel artists to pin into contemporary music.

Speaking at the press briefing held in Lagos recently, the gospel artist popularly known by his stage name, P. Sho, disclosed that most gospel singers lacks packaging.

“We have been fighting what is called ‘secular music’ and the message they are conveying, but we the gospel artist have not been puting our own message in a manner that they can receive it.

“Music is a vehicle and a medium of transferring messages to the heart of the people, we must package our songs well at the same time sending the gospel message.

“So the message I have, I am using what we call contemporary beats and contemporary styles to communicate that message so that the generation will catch what is been said.”

He added that despite all the pressures in the music industry, the good news would not be abolished and eradicated.

“There are different challenges, most people are not ready to give you a chance to push the gift you have, a lot of people will not believe in you at first, you have to believe in yourself first and am thankful for my label murph entertainment.

“The opportunity to reach out to people have been there because God has beeing faithful, there is also the aspect of doing things differently and in doing things differently, people will not understand you at first.

“I just dropped some tracks recently, loud it, last last, and dont stop.

“The tracks are not a regular gospel songs, they are rich, the beat is different, the producer is a different person, and the words still comunicate truth, but they are not used in the typical expression, they are made for the street, they are made for the young people and those that their hearts are open to receive new things.”