Billionaire Deji Adeleke Lavishes $65million on New Private Jet


It doesn’t need pointing out that wealth affords its handlers a lot of perks, privileges, and bragging rights, and why not? They worked for it. But that has never deterred other folks from stretching necks over and across fenced houses, if only to see what’s a-happening. Such is the case with the ‘Baba’ that Nigerian superstar and music big boy, Davido, always refers to, Dr. Deji Adeleke, and his new wheels on wings.

The Adelekes have always been hot stuff in terms of cash and coffer, influence and affluence, and eyes and pockets for the best of things. From Chief Adebayo Adeleke, who was reportedly the brain behind the well-beloved Banana Island in Lagos, to Deji and Isiaka Adeleke, whose industrial and political reach has extended far beyond Osun State, their state of origin, to the very well-known Davido, singer, business chap and charmer of hearts big and small, there’s little else to say.

The latest gist from the upper rooms of the Adeleke household, coming from Davido himself, is that Dr. Deji Adeleke is getting himself new wings, a Gulfstream private jet, and he’s a bit anxious. Folks have already estimated the jet to be about $65 million, which – to aid the general public – is just over 23.5 billion.

The Gulfstream family of jets is known for its rakish structures, interiors to die in, and speed specs that are the stuff of pilotage dreams. Cabins and seats the colour of cream, few aviation companies can boast of similar advanced-technology aircraft that redefine safety, comfort, and range at speed. This just confirms that Dr. Deji Adeleke has eyes for A-grade goods and the smirking countenance of one who can.

While folks continue to coo at Baba’s deep pockets, it is important to remember that he sheds his wealth – which is estimated to be about $700 million – from time to time on charities and non-profit projects. Doubly notable for his erection of a new edifice for his Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and a hall for Babcock University, one dares to say Dr. Deji Adeleke has a heart larger than his vast exchequer.