Tell The Supreme Court That Things Should Always Make Sense.


Tai Emeka Obasi questions how all votes in the contested polling units in Imo governorship election was credited to one candidate

According to media reports the Supreme Court, the apex court declared Hope Uzodimma the new governor-elect based on the results he got from 388 units, which was earlier cancelled. Those results cumulated to 213, 295 votes.

The Independent National ElectoralCommission (INEC) said the reason they cancelled the results from those polling units was because of over voting.

Now, I don’t trust either of INEC or the judiciary in Nigeria.

But in matters like this, I use my brain to find out who is making sense.

I was deeply involved in the last general elections and we had very well-structured training for all PDP agents in my local government area of Ekwusigo. One of INEC’s most effective rigging gimmicks is the voting point. In the last general elections, INEC created a voting point once the registered number of voters in any particular voting unit exceeded 500.

All our agents were instructed to check the total number of registered voters from the INEC register whenever they arrived at any polling unit of posting. If the number reached 500, that they must demand to see the voting point created out of that particular unit and monitor accordingly.

Now, let’s get back to Uzodimma’s votes from 388 units. A total of 213, 295 votes puts the average number at 550 votes from each unit. It therefore means that each unit, by law of averages, exceeded INEC’s stipulated 500.

Now, of this figure, we’re talking of valid votes!

So questions should be…

1. Did INEC permit more than 500 registered voters per unit in Imo State?

2. If they did, did just those 388 units register 100% voter turnout?

3. If there was 100% turnout, did every registered voter cast his/her vote for Uzodimma and APC in those 388 units that only Uzodimma was awarded all the cancelled votes by the Supreme Court?

4. How come just 388 units generated over 200, 000 valid votes while the rest over 3000 units all over Imo State generated just about 500,000 valid votes same day of election?

I love things making sense. Like I said earlier, there is no choice between INEC and the Supreme Court in matters of trust but in this case there must have been clear case of over voting as posited by INEC.

One of the grounds of Atiku’s petition was that the cancelled votes in the election exceeded the number of votes in the margin of victory INEC declared for Buhari. But the same Tanko’s Supreme Court waved that aside as lacking in merit.

How come same ground suddenly found merit in Imo State?

Indeed, there was a country!