Teacher’s Diary



These moments are phenomenal because they are not only the beginnings of a new year but the beginnings of a new decade. As the cliche goes, ‘What’re your new-year resolutions?’ In addition to this, can I ask if you’ve also made new decade resolutions? You might not be inclined to making long-term plans or it could be that the present economic challenges makes thinking and planning too far out unrealistic. You could at least loosely but prayerfully envision the spot you’d like to be at in two years time. On arrival, take stock when you’re there in 2022 and decide whether you want to do a further two year plan plus it’s execution that’d culminate in 2024. So either way, planning yearly or over multiple years, you must make up your mind to evolve. Evolving warrants: dissatisfaction with a present situation; resolution to change things/oneself; movement; actions; purpose; doing; striving; frugality; assessing; reviewing; rebutting; launching; reflecting; examining; and so on. Recently, I went into a Coca-Cola shop (so labelled) teaming with loads of people. As I drew near, I was bemused by everyone rushing in and coming out with Coca-Cola branded shopping bags. ‘Why’s everyone rushing in to buy coke’? I asked ‘Maybe a new flavour is just being released’ my friend replied, ‘Let’s go and check’ so we joined the queue! Eventually propelled into the shop by moving bodies, I gasped as I took in what was on display. Right before our eyes were everyday-items all branded with the Coca Cola logo. Every isle had something you could pick up for your wardrobe, kitchen, office, garden, car, school, bathroom, living room, and so on. As huge as this facility was, only one standing medium-sized fridge held an assortment of Coca-Cola drinks! What a lesson this was for me, and all. In short, Coca Cola has evolved and so must I; …and so must you! The beauty of evolution is that you and I don’t have to be big like Coca-Cola to: unroll new skills, extend ourselves and our skills; alter unwholesome technics; develop new skills; forge ahead; progress; blossom; mature; adapt to new situation embrace change; and make progress to say but a few needful! You must ‘metamorphosize’ in effective ways. You cannot continue to play the victim; rather be resourceful utilising the natural skills and talents you have. Start with what you have, start with what you have left; whatever you do, start. Look for problems to solve, look for problems you can solve. As crude and trouble-begging as this might sound to you, it is the key to the successful evolution of many great achievements today.

Omoru writes from the UK