Don’t Intervene in Libya, Int’l Parliament for Peace Cautions Turkey


The international Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, IPTP, has condemned the intervention of the Turkish armed forces in Libya, describing it as “a very dangerous turning point for the worse” in the North African nation.

Making its position known from its seat in Malta, IPTP said, “as advocates of tolerance and peace, we reject and denounce the military intervention of a foreign state in another sovereign state in a way that we are witnessing today in Libya”.

It observed that Libya, being an active member of the Arab League, was subject to the League’s rules that regulate seeking military support from friends and allies to avert dangers, terrorism, and similar security issues.

“The Arab League resolution from 31st December 2019 stressed ‘the necessity to prevent interference that could contribute to facilitating the arrival of foreign extremists in Libya’ and also expressed ‘serious concern over the military escalation further aggravating the situation in Libya, which threatens the security and stability of neighboring countries and the entire region”, the Parliament stated.

While also recalling that the joint statement of foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and Italy called for a halt to fighting and an end to “continuing outside interference”, the specialised global parliament backed the Head of the European Union Diplomacy, Josep Borrell’s position that the Turkish decision to intervene with their troops in Libya could increase worries about the situation in that country.

It further threw its weight behind the fears expressed by the Chairperson of the African Union, Moussa Faki Mahamat, that “the various threats of political and military interference in the internal affairs of the country (Libya) increase the risk of a confrontation, whose motives have nothing to do with the fundamental interests of the Libyan people and their aspirations for freedom, peace, democracy and development”.

“We, therefore, consider the intervention of Turkish armed forces in Libya, responding to the call by the Government of National Accord, which has not won the trust of the Libyan Parliament, as a very dangerous turning point for the worse regarding the stability of the state and the hopes of its people.

“We call on all the honorable people around the world who advocate tolerance and peace to reject the use of weapons and the mechanisms of killing and destruction as ways of resolving conflicts” the Parliament stressed.

It is recalled that Turkey’s national parliament had earlier in January approved a bill that will allow the government to deploy troops to Libya to intervene in the conflict in that country.