Maria Okanrende Drags Out Olamide

By Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Until the rumours that OAP and actress, Maria Okanrende was pregnant for afro-pop star, Olamide Adedeji aka Olamide went viral, the only thing publicly linked to both were a line in the singer’s song wherein he made mention of the former’s derriere. That was all that could possibly be linked to the two, at least. Then she gave birth and the rumours swell, causing more concern as to who the baby daddy is.

On Tuesday Sunday January 5, while advising a crush on social media, Maria indirectly indicted her supposed baby daddy, Olamide Baddo, for abandoning her and their baby girl. The revelation came after the crush professed his undying love for Maria and wished he was the baby daddy and not the popular musician, Olamide. In a swift response, the new mum, sent him a piece of advice while also letting the world know that she is solely responsible for the upkeep of her daughter who she welcomed few months ago.

The baby girl christened Asaiah Monifé Maria was welcomed on August 16. Maria then shared the news of her baby’s arrival on Instagram and said her bundle of joy had left her with tears of excitement. She wrote; “I can’t stop crying. Look at what I made! Asaiah Monifé Maria. 16th August 2019, 12:56am. Word is born! Thank you God.”

OAP Maria Okan who has been in the UK since welcoming her daughter left fans comparing her daughter’s look with that of her rumoured baby daddy, Olamide after sharing her first photos.

These rumours of Olamide and Maria wouldn’t go away. It was revealed that the singer and the former Beat FM OAP had a short-lived relationship. Olamide still remained mum despite the tales of romance.

The MTV Shuga actress allegedly entered into a romantic relationship with Olamide with the belief that he was single and separated from his baby mama. It was reported that “Olamide told her he was single that’s why she began a relationship. They loved each other.”

The affair between Maria and Olamide wasn’t planned to be short-lived. However, the love affair began to fade away when Maria found out that the YBNL boss was still with his baby mama and long-time partner. “They broke up because she found out he was still with his baby mother,” Maria’s close friend had disclosed.

However, it was too late to turn back the hands of time as Maria had gotten pregnant. Finding out that she was pregnant with Olamide’s baby, Maria reached out to him for mutual discussion and agreement. “They discussed options. He said the decision was hers. She kept it and they planned to co-parent from the beginning,” one of Maria’s friend informed.

After discussing with Olamide, Okanrende resigned her appointment with Beat FM and moved to London. This move, her friend said, wasn’t solely her decision. “Her parents took her to London because they thought that was the best.” Unknown to many, Maria had to battle to save her life and that of her pregnancy after relocating to London in 2019.

Her friend said: “That (relocating to the UK) was a blessing because not long after, she was admitted to hospital with serious dangers to the pregnancy. This resulted in her pregnancy being labeled a “high-risk pregnancy” by doctors.”

Maria Okan eventually had a baby shower on July 1 just as Olamide’s second son arrived. Okanrende’s friend went on to say Olamide was notified of the development after which he sent money to the OAP. “He (Olamide) sent money for the baby when she came out of the hospital in March (2019). That is the only time he sent her money – which was to start buying baby things.”

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