The Signs in the Sky


Elucidations okey BY Okey Ikechukwu

As we enter the New Year, and especially with the growing number and frequency of wars, strange diseases and natural disasters all over the world, we must ask whether are now actually be heading towards the much-vaunted “end of the world.” We must ask whether there any dangers out there, in outer space and the wider cosmos, threatening our life on earth today.

We must seek to understand if there are ‘indicators’ that the findings of scientists are coinciding with the pronouncements of many ancient prophesies, regarding the likely fate of all life on earth in the very near future. Does the ‘sky’ have a message for humanity today as it did for the Three Wise Men from distant lands, who used the Star of Bethlehem to know that the Messiah was born in Israel?
If yes, then we must remember that many of those who saw the Star also sign did not know what it meant.

This means that the sky ‘speaks’ only to those who understand its language. Even among those who understand, only those who are really attentive to the full meaning of its ‘speech’ get the actual message and act correctly and on time. It is to the latter that it tells about the cosmic ‘weather’, about crop harvests and crop failures, about the future of the earth and its inhabitants, etc. Thus, not everyone has the ability to understand see, understand and interpret these things.

Today science is talking about new and unfamiliar magnetic fields and heavenly bodies approaching us. Science has also recorded the gravitational pull of a distant, extremely powerful and still unknown cosmic body approaching us. We are speaking here of science knowing that there are such ‘heavenly bodies;’ even when it has not seen them. Science is discovering many new things it did not know before. Some of these new discoveries are frightening, because they expose our ignorance about a world and universe we claimed to have mastered and conquered long before now.

Things are no longer what they used to be, because our way of life has disturbed the natural order of things. We have almost completely destroyed everything that nature put in the earth’s atmosphere to protect us from harmful solar, cosmic and intergalactic radiations. Most of these radiations now enter our atmosphere with ease and are impacting negatively on us and on our environment. The Ozone Layer is one of them. It is like a shield, put in place by nature to protect us. Today many people, all over the world, are suffering from unusual skin diseases and other health problems due to the depletion of this protective layer. This is just one example. Greenhouse gases from industrial activities, have created rising global temperatures, disruption of the lifestyles of many animals and plants, the destruction of forests, changes in the balance of the earth’s natural gases, alteration of the Nitrogen Cycle and much more have altered the ‘health’ of the earth.

To say the “all we have to do is reverse these things, by simply changing our way of life,” is to pretend that we can easily change how we live on earth today. We cannot. You cannot get one per cent of human beings on earth today to give up their cars, bad food, smoking, harmful refrigerants and the dangerous industrial gases we pump into the atmosphere every hour and every day. But, assuming that we can really mend our ways and abandon all the bad aspects of our lifestyle, will that remove the fact that our entire cosmic environment is now charged with an unusual intensification of radiations from various parts of the cosmos?

And science itself does not even know where some of the radiations are coming from, or their nature. Science is already baffled by its own discovery that some of these things may be totally unpredictable in their final effects on us and on the earth. While scientists knew and told us for many years that there was a hole in the earth’s magnetic field, it was not until December 16, 2008 that the world discovered that this hole was actually 10 times larger than what scientist previously believed. It was a report from the US NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft that brought this revelation.

This hole is in the very layer of the atmosphere (the Magnetosphere), which nature designed specifically to protect the earth and us from many things, including the radiations (plasma) released into the universe whenever there is an eruption (solar flare) on the surface of the sun. All those who called themselves authorities on the matter were telling us what to expect based on limited knowledge, until they discovered that we are like a man sleeping under a mosquito net, without knowing that the holes in some parts of the net are big enough to allow a dog to stroll in and give him a good bite.

Thus the most harmful combination of radiations from the sun and far-flung regions of the cosmos can enter our earth more easily and deeply than they did in the past. This means trouble and danger for life on earth!
The continuous and further depletion of this protective layer, and its weakening, can only lead to the loading of certain radiations from the sun. This, in turn, can only set the stage for the worst forms of magnetic storms – whenever there are solar flares. Worse still, contemporary science knows that cosmic radiations will increase and that this will eventually disrupt life on earth much more decisively. For one thing, it will affect the earth’s magnetic field and, most probably, change it so drastically that all will never be the same again.

It is the earth’s magnetic field that makes north and south, as well as east and west constant. They do not change everyday, because the earth maintains a definite position in the cosmos at all times. As it floats in space, as it goes round the sun, it is able to maintain its position without colliding with the sun or the other planets because it is held in place by the sun’s gravitational force.

Imagine what would happen if the earth turned around suddenly, with the part that was facing up now facing down. Everything will then be shattered, mountains will be cast down and some oceans and deserts will switch places. Even animals will be confused. That is what will happen if there is a change in the earth’s magnetic field. Just think of a house that is turned upside down, or made to lean on its side. That is what a change in the earth’s magnetic field will look like. And a massive solar flare can create such an imbalance by unhinging the earth’s equilibrium and allowing all manner of powerful radiations to enter the atmosphere and overwhelm high-voltage transformers with vast electrical currents.

This can short-circuit even globally acclaimed energy grids, since what would enter the earth through a big hole in the atmosphere during a solar flare could transmit electrical currents powerful enough to destroy some of the world’s most massive and active transformers within 90 seconds. Such a thing will be a phenomenal catastrophe, affecting various aspects of everyday life. It can change everything on earth the way it is written in several prophecies and predictions.

Let us not console ourselves by saying that everything around us seems relatively peaceful at the moment. Let us not say that the world has since progressed from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Let us ask, instead, how many of the MDGs were realised in most countries of the world. Let us ask what percentage of the world population was affected, or radically, transformed by it. Let us also ask whether nearly all the money and all the plans made for the MDGs did not go into the management of one economic, political or environmental calamity or the other in different parts of the world.

In fact we can describe the ‘peace’ we see today as a kind of mass delusion: the type of peace, or quiet, that comes before a major storm – especially among people who are not sufficiently attentive to the signs of danger around them. The fact that you look up and do not see a hole in the sky does not mean that it is not there. It does not mean that there are no terrifying “signs in the sky.” The fact that many people are not seeing anything, or listening to the warnings in the march of events, does not mean that there is no march of events, or that such a march is on – and irreversible. In any case, are they not just taking things for granted and treating serious world events as nothing but ‘news’ and current affairs from the press?

Most people now live like picnickers, or Caribbean and American sunbathers on a beach, who are laughing and happily prancing and slapping each other`s back and enjoying the sea breeze; without knowing that a major tidal wave is about to break over them and sweep them away to their death. Meanwhile, events that are much stronger than the greatest tidal waves and tsunamis are heading this way environmentally, politically, economically and spiritually. It will all probably build up into a terrible cascade and tumble down as an absolutely unmanageable chain of disasters.

And these the expected events coincide with the Mayan prophecy and that of other reputable seers across several races and continents!
Of course, there is a difference between ‘end’ of the world’ and ’end of an era’. The latter means a rebirth after a dreadful cleansing. It will be comprehensive and wide-ranging. It is not just about earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, no! It is also about the leadership of nations, the unravelling of fake political, economic and religious messiahs. Yes, some of the approaching confluence of waves are heading this way; and mercilessly so!