The ‘ME’ Collection


By Azuka Ogujiuba

Reedas is a luxury women’s wear brand, out of the Creative Director’s desire to pursue a direction emulating the journey of a woman after exploring the bespoke fashion world. The ME collection is about the reflection of a young lady in her twenties who has now blossomed into a beautiful woman approaching her forties. This woman is independent and self-made. She does not follow trends but she is definitely a trend-setter. Whenever she steps out, she exudes confidence, strength and style of the 80s modern woman. She has become an icon, a force to reckon with regardless of all the challenges of getting to where she is in life now. This woman is an embodiment of the everyday woman.

The Creative Director of Reedas, Rukkayah Suleiman, acts intentionally with the aim of depicting the ability of a woman to adapt to whatever situation she finds herself; good or bad and how she switches roles very easily. In a few words, she explains further: “This collection is about self-expression and self-love. This collection is about finding you”. The color story was inspired by the corals she came across on her trip to Seychelles. The colors in the collection are warm variations of mustard, blue, pink, grey and green: these soft hues paint the imperfectly perfect lives of peculiar of the everyday woman.”