Kobi Releases New EP, ‘December in Lagos’


Obi Okoro, popularly known as Kobi, is an afrobeats and R&B singer, songwriter and rapper born in Lagos State and hails from Imo State. He grew up in Lagos where he completed both primary and secondary school before leaving for Toronto, Canada and later London, UK to further his studies. Taking about his music he says, “While I was in secondary school I discovered my passion for music. I formed a boys’ band with several friends at school, I was 13 at the time and we worked on a few projects. But moving on, my major challenge has been my absence from Lagos, Nigeria due to studying abroad.”

He is currently pushing his New E.p titled “December in Lagos,” which is a 6 track EP inspired by the city and all of its hustle and bustle. He had Producers, Ransom beats, Type A and Hits work with him on this body of work which is out already.

“The future is bright for Nigerian music. I see afrobeats being a household genre just like Hiphop or pop music,” he said.