Cleric Condemns Religious Politics in Anambra

David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

A clergy man, Rev Canon Timothy Okoye, Vicar of St Barnabas Anglican Church, Ojoto, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State has condemned the practice of Religious politics in Anambra, describing it as dangerous.

Anambra has a culture of picking only members of the Catholic Church as governors, while their Anglican counterpart were made their deputies. The practice is so strong that it has robbed most prominent politicians the opportunity of being governor in the state.

Okoye in a sermon to mark a ceremony of thanksgiving by Dr. Francisca Nwafulugo on her appointment as the rector of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, and the first woman to occupy such position in the country; condemned the practice, saying governance was about state and not religious denomination.

He said, “It is very wrong. In this state we are playing religious politics and that is not good. If you are a Catholic you cannot be governor, if you are an Anglican you cannot be deputy, and things like that. It is very wrong. The governor is the governor of the state and not for his church.”

Speaking to Nwafulugo, Okoye said, “Let me tell you, Madam Rector, you are not on that seat for certain people but for everyone. You are only privileged to be there out of the huge number of people that will want to be there. You must treat everyone equally.

“That is why we must respect position of leadership. Only God can appoint a leader. God appointed you (Nwafulugo), God has appointed Buhari to the seat he is today, God appointed governors, God appointed traditional rulers. You cannot push them out. You can only pray for them.

“If you push them down, what will you gain? Even in your umunna (kindred), the leader is appointed by God and should be allowed to do his work and supported not frustrated.”

The event attracted dignitaries from beyond Anambra State, including the Anambra State Deputy Governor, Dr. Nkem Okeke, and the cream of the academia in the state.

Okeke in his speech said he was sure Nwafulugo would do a great job in repositioning the polytechnic, saying that women have been found to be better administrators and managers of resources than their male counterpart.

“It is a general believe that women do better job than men in administration. Nwafulugo is a grounded administrator and has the power to accomplish in the polytechnic.”

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