Wishing You a Happy New Year

Eddy Odivwri

The year is already running. Today is the third day. It is a leap year. Just 363 days left for us to exit 2020.

2019 was rough. 2020 will be smooth for us all. Nigerians look forward to a better year. That it shall be a year where the acts of government will confluence with the aspiration of the people in such a way that N37 billion will not be spent on renovating a complex which was built with less than half of that sum, 20 years ago. May more common and executive criminals find accommodation in the prisons

The plagues of 2019 will not afflict us in 2020. The issue of security will no longer haunt us, believing that the decision of the federal government to withdraw soldiers from internal operations will not do us in, as a people.

Nigerians look forward to overcoming the seeming intractable trouble of unstable electricity supply. It shall be a year of amazing light splash.

From my desk, I wish all of us a great year filled with fun and grace , garnished with capacity to be resilient, such that even when the ill storm blows, we shall stand our ground, resist the blow and tower strong and high, when the storm has ceased.

Above all, may the year bring unto us all, peace, protection, comfort and joy.

Happy New Year!

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