Gbajabiamila Doesn’t Just Get It!


Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, last week, sent a message to the community of critics, saying he was not elected to fight the executive but partner it to bring development to his people.

Obviously, despite being a lawyer, Gbajabiamila still doesn’t get it. No one has asked him to needlessly pick a fight with the executive. That sounds so dumb.

But when you elect to pass everything that comes from the executive without properly scrutinising such especially, with a mindset that presupposes that the executive could never do wrong like the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan recently advanced, then, you are what you are called: rubber stamp legislature.

If Gbajabiamila and his ilk cannot see that something is utterly wrong with the government of the day, it is either he is unfit to be where he is currently or that he is just a classical hypocrite, who sees everything only from the point of view of self. All is not well and a largely dependent legislature is the reason Nigeria is where it is under Buhari. Period!