Yuletide: Edos in Diaspora commend Obaseki’s devt strides, urge him not to be distracted by politicians


Indigenes of Edo State in the Diaspora have urged Governor Godwin Obaseki not to relent in his determined efforts to spread development across the state, cautioning him not to be distracted by the antics of politicians scheming to deny him a second term.

A cross-section of the Edos in Diaspora who spoke with journalists, said they were impressed with the remarkable projects embarked on by Governor Obaseki, as well as his humane disposition to governance.

Mr. Paul Igbinoba, who resides in Spain but returned to mark the Yuletide festivities in Benin City, said that he was surprised with the transformation of the capital city, noting that the governor’s name is etched in the sands of time as a revolutionary leader in the mould of Gen. Samuel Ogbemudia and Prof. Ambrose Alli.

According to him, “I am delighted, to say the least, with what I have seen in Benin since my return last month. I have driven across the Sapele Road axis and see the work done at the secretariat. It is amazing.

“I am also very much impressed with the work at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium. The work is magnificent. So, I am surprised when I hear that some people are fighting the governor and threatening that he will not get a second term. One of my nephews attend a public school and I am impressed with the improvement I have seen with him, because they are being taught with tablets and a new, dynamic curriculum in the school courtesy of the governor. So, what else do these people want?

Mr. Nosa Ogbebor, a resident in Germany, said he was impressed with the creation of the Ministry of Energy and Electricity, which would drive the state government’s power reforms, noting that such ideas were what brought development to the advanced economies of the world.

“There is no denying that the governor is focused and determined to change the fortune of Edo people. The creation of a ministry to oversee power issues is an intelligent move. I am sure the CCETC-Osiomo power project and others like it would facilitate industrialization in the state.”

Mrs. Juliet Enobakhare, who resides in Canada, urged the Governor not to lose focus, noting that he comes up regularly among discussions of Edos in Diaspora and the comments are positive on the strength of his vision and genuine interest to develop the state.

“Anybody plotting to deny him a second term in office is an enemy of Edo people. We stand against such unprogressive elements,” she added.