Kukah Accuses Buhari of Nepotism

Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah

Onuminya Innocent in Sokoto

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Dioceses, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of nepotism.

Kukah disclosed this yesterday at a press conference at Saint Bakhitha Catholic Secretariat in Sokoto.
The cleric explained that the behaviour and attitudes of the president were causing tension and anxiety in the country.

“I am not speaking because I am a Christian but because I am a Nigerian,” stressing that “some appointments made by the president are lopsided; even some northern elites are not happy with some of his decisions,” he said.

In his Christmas message from Pope Francis 111, the Bishop urged Nigerians not to lose faith, saying that there is no country in the world, which does not have problem, adding that the most important thing is having capacity in solving those problems.
He added that Nigerians should trust God who has power to turn around all situations no matter how bad it is .
The Bishop commended the media for their efforts in setting agenda and putting those in authorities to their toes.

He further explained that the Nigerian media is facing serious challenges but pointed out that , that should not deter them from performing their duties.

“You know some journalists have been incarcerated; this is a difficult time for our country,” he said.
Kukah appealed to the federal government to respect the freedom of the press as enshrined in the country’s constitution, saying that media is not an enemy of the government.

He stated that the country cannot develop only on the good will of single individual but through collective efforts of all and sundry.

The cleric explained that the war against the insurgency cannot be won with guns and advised the government to dialogue with the aggrieved.

He enjoined government to seek inputs of stakeholders such as media, religious and traditional leaders before taking any critical decision that would affect the people.