Govt cautions Edo residents over fire incidents, want extra vigilance during dry season


… ‘fire incident at section of Oliha market contained, being investigated’

The Edo State Government has cautioned residents in the state to be cautious and circumspect as the dry season sets in, so as to prevent fire disasters and other related hazards to lives and property in the state.


In a statement, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, urged residents in the state to shun practices and habits that may lead to fire disasters, even as the state government strengthens its emergency response system to be proactive to fire incidents and other such hazards in the state.


He also said that the fire incident at the popular Oliha market in state was confined to one building and has been contained even as investigation is ongoing to ascertain the cause of the fire.


According to him, “Edo residents are enjoined to be careful and circumspect as we enter the dry season. The likelihood of fire incidents is high due to the weather condition. So, we urge people to be careful and mindful of their actions and habits this season.


Noting that the preliminary details of the fire incident at Oliha market are being reviewed by relevant agencies of government, he said, “We are investigating the immediate and remote cause of the fire. The relevant agencies will review the details and make the necessary recommendation where necessary.”