Aisha Buhari, Please, Slow Down

Aisha Buhari
Aisha Buhari

Notes for File

The tendency for one to want to sympathise with the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari as against applauding her bravery is high. She is actually in a place of pity, clearly. The first lady, who has consistently come out to point out the ills in her husband’s government to the awe of a majority of the people, is definitely not a happy woman.

She is not happy, not because there isn’t money to spend or power to exercise, but because she wants more and is being deprived of certain privileges believed to have been enjoyed by her predecessors in terms of control. And because of what seemed like she no longer has the ears of her husband, she’s also had to deal with intense humiliation from relatives, who ordinarily should stand at a distance, when talking to her, age aside.

But then, she also appears to be fast losing her tolerance and capacity to manage different tendencies as the homemaker of her husband’s now expanded family, and this is not looking good for her any longer. She is beginning to sound like a broken record – a woman, who wants to have it all to herself, and desires to be heard all alone. That isn’t good enough for one, who is expected to cut the image of a ‘Mother-in-Israel’.

If today, you complained about Mr. A, and your husband pandered to your sentiment and yanked him off. Tomorrow, it’s the turn of Mr. B and your husband did as you wished, because he loved you and the day after tomorrow, you took on Mr. C, because you reckoned he’d crossed certain boundaries, before you know it, no one would be left with your husband again.

It is not even proper, madam, to call out your husband’s aides. They are not responsible to you. They do not owe their loyalty to you. It is also not in your place to publicly disparage supposedly ‘hostile’ family members. These are directly within the purview of your husband. Ironically, you are doing what you’ve been accusing others of, by assuming control of situations outside your stations.

This is why you have a responsibility and it is a must, to manage all tendencies, both at the political and the family levels, because it’s in your place to do so. And guess what, madam? It would make the job easier for your husband. Don’t compound his headache any further. He’s had his plate full already and the least you can do at this time is to ease his pains with your alluring presence and soothing utterances. So, madam, please, calm down!