Hospitality Firm Expands Footprint in Africa


As part of its expansion moves, ONOMO Hotels has announced the total acquisition of BON hotels, to consolidate its leadership position in the hospitality industry.

As a result of this development,the firm disclosed that its presence now extends to 15 countries with 4300 rooms and a significant pipeline of 3000 additional rooms. It also now boasts not less than 2200 staff strength.

The feat is considered a major breakthrough in the Nigerian hospitality industry where BON hotels already has a stronghold with 10 existing hotels and plans to open another 22 hotels and residences over the next three years.

It is believed that this union will boost the region’s tourism industry with a positive knock-on effect for the economy.

Speaking on this feat, Chief Executive Officer of BON Hotels, Guy Stehlik, said, “Combining our current hotel holdings provides us with a huge presence across the continent. This positions us as a major player in Africa’s tourism industry. As we look to the future, we want to penetrate East Africa and further cement our leadership on the continent – especially in Nigeria as this market has immense growth potential and is strategic for us.

Speaking further, BON Hotels Executive Director for International West Africa, Bernard Cassar, said: “An investment of this scale into Africa is immensely important for our continent’s economy and its citizens. Pipeline projects are likely to create 3000 new work opportunities which is significant for a continent with so much need for new jobs and skills development.

“Investors across the continent can also partner with the new hotel group to establish properties in a range of African countries.”

He added that the deal would bring a greater variety of accommodation options to both business and leisure travellers, while the continent is able to offer more and attract further tourism.