Protect, Solve Your Skin Problems With Ugwu Skin Serum


According to established skincare experts, the sun’s UV rays are not the only threat to our skin, as environmental issues such as pollution and stress all contribute to the possibilities of serious skin diseases. It’s worse for people living in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja where the hustle and bustle, pollution and stress levels are more pronounced.

There is incontrovertible evidence to show that the popular Ugu vegetable (pumpkin leaves) when consumed as a drink or food, has many cell repair qualities especially for burns and skin damage. Harnessing this power into a serum for topical skin application use has birthed the Ugwu Skin Serum, a homegrown skincare product made from Ugu leaves.Berthing in Nigeria and the first of its kind, the serum is designed to protect the skin from environmental damage, oxidative stress and cancer.

Speaking at the launch event held recently in Lagos, Grow Crops Products and Services spokesman, Barrister Olawale Olajide said: “This skin serum is a result of two years of intense research by top-rated Bio Labs in the US and we’re proud to say that this is the first antioxidant serum to be produced from a Nigerian vegetable”

The NAFDAC-approved serum is targeted at men and women who are particular about the health of their skin and also about using quality, organic products in the face of environmental effects and the toll they take on our bodies. According to Olajide: “Oxidative stress is the number one reason your skincare products seem not to be working. This Ugwu serum is a perfect blend of the best natural extracts, which protects the skin whilst preserving its elasticity, reduces fine lines, amongst other things. It is quality skincare, well researched and homegrown.”

He announced that the product will be available before year-end in stores nationwide and would be the first in a long line of quality, organic and home-grown products to be launched by the company. The event which held in Lagos had skincare professionals, organic product enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders in attendance.