Nigeria’s Foremost Footwear Brand, St.Davids Celebrates 20 years,

  • Opens new store in Lekki

One of Nigeria’s foremost footwear brands, St.Davids founded by Renowned Shoe Maker, Ibe David Okechukwu is known with his brand for top quality and first class service delivery to both local and international market when it comes to men footwear’s. Over the years, the brand has evolved from being a one man business into a household venture making use of the very best material and well-motivated staff to produce world class products and services at a friendly and affordable price range.

The brands goal is to bring the outfit business to the everyday customer with great emphasis on brand products coupled with new designs being produced on a daily basis, focusing on fulfilling customer needs.

Last weekend, St.Davids opened his new store in Lekki to the public which was well attended by family, friends and shoe lovers. It was an atmosphere of good music, finger foods, drinks and sales. Yemi Shodimu, Mudi Africa, Joseph Edgar and a host of others were among some top guests that attended the opening.

Speaking to David Ibe on how he started his brand he shares, ‘ It was very tough because hardly will anyone wear a made-in Nigeria shoe or slippers because there is this mindset that they are the Aba-made or the Onitsha-made shoe so people have a shear pride to say that their shoes were made in Italy or Spain or Brazil. So we came into the sector to change that narrative and that we can do it better. Nigerians are very stylish people and they understand quality although our economy is not too buoyant or too good, Nigerians still understand what is quality and what is classic. So we came in to change people’s perspectives, when I started I started with St. Davids and then I remember people say why don’t you use made in Italy or something and I said it was made in Nigeria. So when I started using made in Nigeria, some people started to look at me like I was not going to make it far in the business, but today when we look back at things like this, it is a whole journey of ups and downs and one thing that has kept us afloat is that right now people have started wearing made in Nigeria shoes and no longer compare our shoes to those roadside shoes.’