Double Celebrations for Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari

One of the ironies and mysteries of life is the frequency of good fortune and misfortune. It just seems as if whoever has been left in charge of the world is constantly out drinking with friends and only attends to duty with a laissez-faire attitude. Which would explain why a man loses his job one moment, loses his resolve and drinks himself to stupor the next, only to meet his house on fire the very next. Thankfully, good fortune is just as sporadic and unpredictable, and things can just come together for one person.

Aisha Buhari is the person in this story. Hers is the instance of both hands of the clock meeting at the most opportune of times and clanging joyous melodies. Even more appropriately, the past, present, and future seem to have schemed just so that the end of the year 2019 is one for the first lady of the Republic of Nigeria to remember and celebrate.

First in these series of good tidings from Aso Rock is the thirtieth anniversary of the First Couple, President Muhammadu Buhari and the lovely Aisha. It is stimulating to think that thirty years ago, the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic had to still his heart and propose marriage to an 18-year-old girl. And she said yes, likely overwhelmed by an intimate and intimidating romantic proposition.

All things considering, it is awkward to think of the grandfatherly President as a smitten lover, but not impossible. The public declaration of his gratitude to God on account of their relationship and his appreciation of his 30-year bond with his significant other has set many a Nigerian to reevaluate their opinion of the otherwise stoic former general.

In addition to the celebrated wedding anniversary of Aisha Buhari, her daughter also bagged a first-class degree from a foreign university at about the same time. From the pictures posted by the First Lady on her Facebook page, the daughter, Aisha Hanan Buhari obviously possesses the grace and beauty of her mother, and – if academic degrees are any indication – the fierce intelligence of her father.
And so the year comes to an end in celebration for Aisha Buhari: the past duly commemorated, and the future in glossy pink.