Celebration Times for Julius Rone


Life is good. The only folks that think otherwise are those with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Or those in debt with no discernible way out. Or those currently occupying any position in the spectrum of the fetters of life. But ask anyone else, preferably those who have taken arms against the sea of trouble, have it all and have it all figured out: these will declare that life is awesome.

Take Julius Rone for instance. Without question, there are countless individuals who would give their lives away without thought to have his. These people would see Julius Rone as a made man, a sharp guy, charming, wealthy and influential, with all the allure of a successful man: fine babe for a wife, adorable kids, a thriving titan for a company, and more and more. They won’t be overly wrong.

The life of Julius Rone is akin to a fairy-tale. Starting from the bottom, the bare feet of Julius Rone are familiar with the earth of the Niger Delta. Here is a man whose footprints were inconspicuously deep and steady before they became celebrated as deep and steady. Not only has this Boss been celebrated for his ideals as an individual, but also for his deep passion for the land from whence he came.

His family is the core of his personality. Not long ago, Rone celebrated his darling wife, Utibe, in the sort of birthday soiree reserved for pagan queens: colourful, needlessly extravagant, and remaining in the memory for years to come. More recently, he celebrated the birthday of his son, Sisan Rone, and proved once and for all that his heartbeats originate from his love for his family.

In business and corporate life, Rone is a winner too. The continuing successes of his company, UTM Group has without a doubt called out unsavoury torrents of billingsgate from the hearts and mouths of dawdling competitors. But that’s all okay, it is the lot of eagles to look good and arouse admiration, and that of vultures to look like age is at an end and rouse pity.

In life, family, and business, Rone is doing incredibly well. Even now, rumours are flying in the airwaves that his UTM Group is on the verge of breaking new grounds. Life is only good for Julius Rone.