Olushola  Micheals: My Movies Have Distinct Messages


My Story

Olushola Micheals is basking in the limelight of his career in acting and producing. He is the founder of Forbes Global project international limited, which has been in existence for over a decade. He talks to Tosin Clegg about Nollywood, acting, his productions and more

How did your journey into Nollywood begin?

I have always had a passion for acting but was indecisive as to what I should do as regards following my dream. It all fell in place when I met Biodun Sofuyi also known as Omobutty. She helped and encouraged me to get into the industry.

Tell us about your creative process, how did you settle into acting and producing?

As I earlier mentioned, acting has always been a dream and producing the icing to the cake. In my previous interviews, I mentioned starting production in 2018 but here we are, it’s really an encouraging factor to me. It might take a long while but it will come through with hardwork and persistence.

What’ve been the challenges so far?

My biggest challenge is getting my movie into digital platforms. Currently, I have written to most of them and haven’t gotten a reply to any. But I’m hopeful and still searching for the right links in reaching out to them.

What projects are you working on?

I have got so many projects, sincerely, I never want to rest, the urge to do more keeps coming. In a space of three months, I have produced about seven films and one of them is out already, titled Igbekele, you can watch that on YouTube. Currently, we are wrapping up the movie “Elemuga”.

Tell us about some of your previous projects and what messages do you always seek to share?

My previous projects are Trust, Irin ajo, Like Mother Like Son, Crack, The Messenger, Tafa Onimoto, Akaba and Elemuga. You know every movie has a separate message, but simply put, do whatever you do but know it gets back to you, regardless of how long it takes. Karma is real, so it depends on how well you have lived your life, either hurting or putting smiles on people’s faces.