Plussize Fashion Week Set to Explore Nature


Mary Nnah

Tagged “Fashion and Nature”, this year’s edition of the Plus-size Fashion Week Africa (PFWA) scheduled to hold on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at The Traffic Bar and Restaurant, Ikoyi, Lagos, will explore nature.

“We have decided we are going for nature this year away from hotels and event centre hence the choice of the venue”, the convener, Mrs. Temi Aboderin-Alao had said during a conference recently to announce the event.

Speaking further, she said, “We have decided that this year we are going for a major theme. We want people to relax with nature and everything beautiful. We intend to explore a different value and views.

“In Nigeria we are very used to going to hotels to see fashion show but we want to explore nature, we are bringing nature and fashion together and that is why our theme for this year is “Fashion and Nature”.

“And to crown up everything, it is a curvy celebration. We want to hold an unusual party, which is why we are using the particular venue that we have chosen to use this year. The venue is kind of chill and relaxing so that you feel more integrated with the fashion show.

“This is going to be an incredible year for the show with a new twist and there is also the direction in which we want to move with the event in future. We want to explore different locations that people won’t typically use for a fashion show.”

PFWA fashion runway show, which highlights plus size models and apparels, will this feature a plus-size runway fashion show with ten renowned and budding designers.

“We also expect international collaboration this year, to this end we would be having designers form Africa, Europe and USA who are going to be coming on board this year”, Aboderin-Alao added.

She was quick to add that the Plussize movement is not a celebration of obesity, but a celebration of confidence; encouraging healthy lifestyle.

“We don’t encourage people to keep growing big but to embrace a healthy lifestyle. We are promoting body positivity, encouraging people to be the happiest version of who they are,” she noted.

The event is expected to bring together recognised talented and promising fashion designers brands and retail enterprises from within and outside Nigeria to showcase trends and products to the audience and fashion enthusiasts.