Nvivo TV’s Debut Film Hits Cinemas


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Newly launched Nvivo TV, a free video-on -demand streaming platform from Envivo, a technology company that focuses on digital contents, last week Friday released its first feature film, titled ‘Seven’. The movie, which opened in cinemas on Friday, November 29, was privately screened to members of the press recently at the new FilmHouse Cinema, Landmark Boulevard, Oniru, Lagos.

‘Seven’ takes one on a thrilling journey of intrigue, suspense and packed action as an heir, Kolade, is made to taste the bitter side of life before gaining access to his late father’s estate. Played by Efa Iwara, Kolade is the rich and irresponsible son of a businessman, who following his father’s death, is given seven days to survive in Ajegunle. Other star cast of the movie includes veteran actor Sadiq Daba, Bimbo Manuel, Richard Mofe Damijo, Patrick Diabuah, Uzikwendu, and comedian Koffi Tha Guru. Ghetto musician Daddy Showkey also played a cameo in the film.

Speaking on his experience on the set of the movie after the screening, Showkey revealed that he was touched by the script. “The film absolutely touched me a lot because it’s going to change a lot of lives. it’s different from other recent movies”.

‘Seven’ is from the stables of Envivo and La Vida studios in partnership with Remote Production, and is written and directed by Tosin Igho, who is an entertainment entrepreneur being a musician, film maker, video director and producer. A chip off the old block, Tosin is the son of Peter Igho, a former Head of NTA and veteran in the film industry, who was also part of the audience during the screening.

Multitalented Tosin Igho was born in Lagos. He grew up and went through school both in Lagos and the United Kingdom. At the age of 17, he founded a group called Immaculate which consisted of six members and went on to produce their hit song ‘Roc da Party’. He also directed the music video for the song. Tosin Igho made his Nollywood debut with his 2018 film ‘The Eve’ and is keen on telling stories that will affect lives.