Firm Unveils Chemicals to Tackle Building Collapse Launched

Dike Onwuamaeze
The Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT) has launched chemical products that would help combat building collapse and enable Nigerians construct more durable roads that can last between 70 and 150 years in the country.

The products would also provide lasting solutions to construction chemical challenges in the country’s market.
These products, which include the Aquafin Betocrete Plus, a fourth generation crystalline admixtures and a new range of Costar Building Product System, were said to be the first and only fourth generation crystalline waterproofing admixtures in Nigeria at the moment.

According to the Managing Partner of ACT, Mr. Anthony Ajulo, the introduction of the products into the Nigerian market was, “informed by the need to drive quality constructions in Nigeria’s building construction landscape, ameliorate the increasing cases of building collapse and provide industry operators with quality, but affordable solutions.”

Ajulo said that the new set of products possessed the critical ingredients necessary to deliver quality constructions in Nigeria and provide complete construction solutions from the basement to roof, especially in areas such as waterproofing, flooring and general construction chemicals solutions.

“They will help to address the problems of building collapse. It will also help homeowners and consultants to construct homes that are watertight,” he said.

Also speaking, the Managing Partner, Colton Group, Mr Collins Balogun, said the products could help Nigerian tackle the challenge of poor-quality road constructions.

“One of the products unveiled today is the fourth-generation waterproofing systems. You see, the number one problem concrete roads have is water. This is because you are bound to have rainwater moving all around the concrete roads.

“But if this product is integrated into the concrete, this makes the concrete impervious making it difficult for water to percolate. By so doing, it increases the lifespan of the concrete. For instance, if a road is designed to last for 70 years, with the help of our admixtures, it is going to last 150 years.

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