Nwogu Gives Hope to Women in New Book, ‘The Unbroken’ Woman’

By Tosin Clegg
There’s no gain saying that today, women world over have become vulnerable species. We have found ourselves in such a situation where we have become victims of sexual abuse, harassment, domestic violence, gender discrimination among others.
However, against all of these stack odds, there is still hope of a beautiful future for every woman out there.  The statement above was the position of Pst. (Mrs.) Chijioke Nwogu, President Spirit Sisters Fellowship, Lagos, who has just authored, ‘The Unbroken Woman’, a book that gives succor to women.
Nwogu a great writer in her 51 page book, posited that there are lots of odds against the female gender and that’s because “the devil sees her as a great being with loads of potential to offer good things to better humanity and in a bid to stop the woman from achieving purpose, launches attack in the spiritual realm to pull her down and possibly destroy her.”
The author believes the Unbroken Woman relates to woman in every phase of life – the girl-child, the single lady and the married woman. The book portrayed some odds that can come against a woman, such as abusive marriage, gender discrimination, rape, neglect, widowhood etc. and the book took time to elucidate how these odds can be surmounted.
The five chapter and simple to read book offered hope and encouragement, that no matter what life throws at any woman, God wants want her to remain unbroken so that she can fulfill her purpose in life.
According to Nwogu, the book which was divinely inspired also featured her story of triumph. She said it was a must-read by everyone and especially the women folk. Why? “It offers hope, healing, and restoration for every woman.”