Firm Launches Online Fitness Platform


Ugo Aliogo

Fitness Fair Nigeria Limited has launched an online platform known as ‘Choose life’ as part of measures to improve corporate wellness and promote healthy lifestyle among Nigerians.

Speaking at the launch of the platform in Lagos, yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer, Fitness Fair Nigeria Limited, Dr. Uganze Eke, said the product was born out of the work of the company in corporate wellness, adding that the entire experience was a passion to see people have the tool, the knowledge and the motivation to the right things to do, “and that is what gave birth to the name choose life.”

She also stated that the company has realised that everybody wished they could eat and live well, and sometimes they can manage some aspects of their lifestyle and sometimes they don’t.

She said life is a balance and a determination to do the right thing especially in, “our environment, Nigeria is not an easy place to live in because the stress levels are high.”

Eke decried the attitude of most Nigerians who look down on natural foods and prefer junks, stating that the challenge is on the right thing to do and most people didn’t have the right information.

According to her, “People have the right information, but they don’t have access. They have money, but don’t know how to connect the dots. So we came up with this idea that even if we are still doing the onsite assessment which will allow you the opportunity to know your body, we realised that knowing your body and hearing from us once or twice yearly was not enough, therefore this is what gave birth to this platform.

“With the platform, we are physically present with you, but we are providing the same quality of information. We are your accountability partners and supporters, we create your community, and you also have the community with your colleagues and everyone registered on your platform.

“We also help in changing your way of thinking. For now, the platform is an online web platform and we are going to transition into an app. Before going into an app, you must know your physical parametres, so the importance of us engaging you on the offline is very crucial.

“For now, we are looking more to the corporate world, companies and business concerns that can give us large numbers at a time, and take the information for themselves, as a gift and to others at home. There are four pillars in this our programme, there is choose health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Everything you need is actually wrapped up in there and if you are choosing health, it means you start from a place of knowing.”