Ajimobi Florence’s New Role


The phases of life really don’t end. Just when was it that certain somebodies were meeting under guava trees and telling sharp but Oscar-worthy babes that they are finer than Mammy Water (Mami Wata)? But progress is as wondrous as a flapping butterfly in Tokyo and a hurricane in Haiti. Before you can say ‘Jack rub this thing!’ our guava couple have a child with children of her own. In fact, our guava baby has become the first lady and even retired.

Florence Ajimobi has interesting roots. First, she was born in Benin City. But she actually hails from the renowned Hajaig family of Lebanon. And then she grew up in Ibadan in Oyo State.

Ibadan saw her acquire a degree in Secretariat Studies and Management, as well as a doctorate in a branch of the management science. Lady Florence is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics (CIPRMP) based in Ghana. Greatness is polygamy of recalcitrant volitions.

So Lady Florence, best known to outsiders as the former Oyo State first lady, is obviously the wife of Senator Abiola Ajimobi. And it is an editorial marriage from all indications.

So, withdrawing from the political milieu of intrigues and all-round politics, the prospects laid out for our lady by convention were not very grand. Granted, she was not expected to withdraw to a hermity or cobweby life. Maybe a little hand-weaving and a lot of Nollywood. But, no, she said.

The lady took up her skirts and took to the skies. The launching pad is public speaking, and she has been sighted at several events. Recall that she is the founder of several humanitarian projects such as Access to Basic medical Care (ABC) foundation, Ajumose Food Basket, Educate A Rural Child project, among many others. She has even launched a book, titled Reflections and Life Lessons at 60: My Life Like A Rainbow.