What is Osinbajo’s Offence?

Yemi Osinbajo

Eddy Odivwri

I am worried and very concerned that we are going back to what happened in 2003.

What happened in 2003?

Have you forgotten how the presidency under former President Olusegun Obasanjo got broken? Have you forgotten how Obasanjo drew the sword againt his then Vice, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, by sacking almost 80 per cent his aides, made him redundant, and practically declared war on Atiku’s office? Have you forgotten?

What correlation does that have with today’s dynamics?

What a question! What do you mean by dynamics? Are we not witnessing the exact repeat of the 2003 presidential drama? Or are you not aware that suddenly a new Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management was created last August, just to strip Osinbajo’s office of relevance? Or don’t you know what the new ministry is doing was what Osinbajo’s office had been handling?

Or would you also say that you did not hear that 32 aides of the Vice President was recently sacked by the president? So what dynamics are you talking about?

Look, all these are mere conjectures to feed a mindset of mischief. Do not forget that it is a single presidency. The presidency is not broken by any means. Professor Osinbajo is still very chummy and loyal to the President, unlike the soured relationship that existed between Obasanjo and Atiku, at the time.

You are talking Bunkum with a capital B. What chumminess are you seeing? A man’s office is stripped down, reduced to miniature/ceremonial officialdom and you talk about chumminess? The deaf does not need to be told there is crisis in the market.

Ok, since you are bent on defending the crack. Tell me: why did the president create another ministry to undertake the tasks executed by Osinbajo’s office? Which one is cheaper: creating another ministry with all its financial protocols or allowing the VP’s office to continue the execution, if indeed the end of this onslaught is cost-cutting?

Or why were the nearly ten new aides of the First Lady, recently appointed by the same president not sacked , in an attempt to cut cost of governance? And don’t forget that the so-called office of the First lady is not constitutional.

And lastly, why did the Chief of  Staff , Abba Kyari recently have to fly the presidential jet to London , just so the President can sign the Deep Offshore Sharing Contract Bill into law, when Vice President is holding forth back at home? Why was Osinbajo not allowed to sign the Bill if it was that urgent? Do you know the cost of flying the presidential jet all the way to the United Kingdom? Saving cost of governance my foot!

Get your facts right. The Vice President is not an Acting President in this circumstance. Mr President is not on holiday. He’s just on a private visit and so could rule from wherever, or didn’t you hear the declaration of Adams  Oshiomhole on the matter?

The President believes in the Vice President. He respects his person and they are virtually on the same page as far as national interest is concerned. If you think otherwise, you are on your own.


Tell that to the Marines. Nigerians know better. And even the kids can tell that all is not exactly well with the presidency, despite the misleading packaged posturing by the presidency and your likes. Remember all of these are coming out, after the rumours of discord and suspicion had swept through the seat of power.

Again, the so-called war is existing only within the figments of your own imagination, not in the Villa. And if you doubt it, you will have to explain why the Vice President it was that had to go lay the foundation of the Kajola factory for the manufacture of wagons and coaches for trains, few days ago.  Is that the symbol of a neglected public officer?

Is it true that Mr President is being controlled by some kind of metaphysical strings in the hands of some power demagogues within the Villa?

Really? You have gone into mystique? Is that part of a governance model? In any case, the man you are striving to drag into the fray is a very senior pastor and is believed to be armed with all heavenly arsenals that should neutralize every weapon fashioned against him. So can you reconcile your unfounded claim about the president?

It is a continuous battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. And assuredly, the forces of good will triumph over the forces of evil. No wonder people have been shouting that witches and wizards have invaded even the presidential villa. Their handiwork is manifest.

I will not engage in lousy gutter-deep talks on issues that are neither scientific nor justiceable. I’d rather focus on the crucial indices of development that can offer the Nigerian people  some good measure of hope and succor.

Such indices like what?

Like the political calculations driving the 2023 conversations.

Ahaaa. It is also alleged that one of the offences of Professor Osinbajo is in nursing the ambition of replacing his boss come 2023, and that all of these size-slashing measures are to ensure that he gets enough bloodied nose, long before the contest in a way that he won’t even be able to smell the coffee when the time comesSo we are asking, what is the professor’s offence to deserve this harsh whip?

Goshhhh, your mischief quotient is so high. 2023 is still very far. As far as I know, that election is not yet on the table. Mr President is not yet thinking about it and it is the legitimate right of any qualified Nigerian to aspire to run, when the time appropriately comes. But enough to say that a child that decides to grow big teeth must equally grow enough big lips to cover it. A word is enough for the wise.

That is why we talk about the cold crookery of the cabal around the President. They are the ones stoking the political fire because they have their own agenda which Mr President does not even know nor understand. But he surprisingly obliges them all their schemes, rightly or wrongly. And that is the problem!