Guild of Fine Artists Set for Own Gallery Opening in Lagos


Rebecca Ejifoma

The Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA) is set to open its own art gallery, where it will feature 40 arrays of art pieces of guild members for a start.

Opening on Sunday, November 17th in, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos at 2pm, the gallery will host art related activities like exhibitions, classes for children and events for arts and culture whilst exhibiting professionalism. The new GFA Gallery is a permanent space to display art pieces – paintings and sculptures of members.

The Director, Ugonna Ibe Ejiogu, expressed that the GFA Gallery aims to be home to the works of the guild members.

“The gallery is open to the public. It is also a dedicated space for exhibitions, talks, workshops and events by members and non-members of the guild”, she said.

Although art was considered the least in the past, today, however, all that has changed. Ejiogu assured the public that, “We are pushing out professionalism to the public”.

Indeed, as art continues to capture the minds’ eyes of aficionados, slaying the spaces of homes and offices, the guild is bent on carving and painting art as a profession before the world.

Among other things, the gallery is open to members and non-members of the guild while it at the same time groom younger ones to develop passion for arts.

“The GFA gallery wants to help children with artistic talent evolve. We need to keep up with our arts,” she added.

Concerned about its members who are splattered across Nigeria, the President, Mr. Sam Ebohon highlighted one of the Gallery’s quests. “We want to host art exhibitions, workshops among other art related activities outside Lagos”.

“When we go round, our presence will be felt. The programmes will not only keep the artists in the business but will also help them grow,” his words were laced with optimism, adding that it was the first time a group of artists took such a bold step to owning a gallery.

GFA therefore called on art enthusiasts, and collectors to come experience a fusion of first hand creative pieces at the opening.

“With this gallery, collectors and art aficionados can meet with the artists directly. They can get the works they have been dying for,” she enthused.

“The public needs to understand that we have a new GFA now. We are taking the practice of art to a new level”, Ebohon added.