Consider Children’s Learning Style When Choosing Schools, Parents Told


Uchechukwu Nnaike

A Lagos-based education consulting firm, Maribet Consult Ltd, has advised parents to analyse the personality of their children, consider their learning style and other things before choosing any school for them, adding that these should come first before considering the fees.

Briefing journalists ahead of the forthcoming Nigeria Education Show in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Margaret Uponi stressed the need for parents to be deliberate about their children’s education, adding that siblings don’t have to attend the same school, but the one that suits a child’s learning style and needs.

“They should take the child as an individual, analyse and evaluate the child, and give the child the best education based on the child’s personality, character, intelligence, capability and other things.” She added that parents should consider things like environment, location, the curriculum of the school, the child’s likes, quality of the teachers, level of security, among others when getting a school for their children.

According to her, since its inception in 2004, the company has been providing free advisory service to parents on the kind of school they should enrol their children because of the importance of knowing the type of school to choose. Therefore, she said the event, which will hold at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island on November 29-30, from 10am-5pm daily, is to make it easier for busy parents to have access to the type of education that is available in Nigeria.

Uponi said the programme is targeted at parents, teachers, school owners, school leaders and everyone that is interested in education, adding that it will be an opportunity for schools to tell parents about the different educational services they have, their ethos, curriculum, the quality of teachers they have, and the type of education they are providing for the children.

“The schools can talk to many parents about it. Parents can now streamline and shortlist the schools they want to visit. So it makes it easier for parents to access schools that are providing quality education.”

She said the event is for schools within Nigeria that provide education from creche, nursery, primary, secondary to sixth form levels.

“As we all know, the future success of our children lies in the foundation that we provide for them. So the foundation is really critical and what we say here is that from 0-18 years is the foundation, the universities just build on what has been laid and it is really important that we get it right.”

Commenting on the theme of the programme: ‘Journey towards a Knowledge Economy’, she said most developed countries have knowledge-driven economy and it is important that Nigeria moves towards that. “And the only way we can move towards that is based on the education that we provide. So now the question is, are the schools that we have in Nigeria preparing our children towards a global education, making sure that we have a knowledge-driven economy?”

She said the event would feature a panel discussion around the theme; and that it would be a training ground for everyone, as seasoned educators and experts would be on hand to facilitate talk shows targeted at teachers; different topics for teachers, parents and for school leaders and school owners.

“You will learn something that will enable you take good decision and to contribute towards the development of education in Nigeria.”

On the rationale behind the event, she said from providing free expertise advice for parents and publishing a book called ‘Nigeria Schools Guide over the years, the company realised that there is great demand for an event like this to enlighten a lot of people.