Marital Bliss: Funke Fowler, Aigbovbiose on Cloud Nine


What exactly is it about love that gives a shine to people’s faces? How is it that lovers seem to approach divinity as soon as they embrace this formless and ethereal condition? You would think that those who have been burnt by fire would possess a healthy fear of it. Or, that those who have never been burnt but have witnessed the scalding residuals would keep miles and miles between themselves and fire. It is all very curious that love is a raging inferno, and neither third-degree burns nor secondary experience can keep people from feasting therein.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had it good. Fowler and Aig-Imoukhuede are having it better.
Funke Fowler is definitely having it best with her new-found love, hubby and boo boo, Oga Aigbovbioise. It would appear that nothing can douse the flames of their love, as both of these lovebirds were recently seen at the 50th birthday celebration of one Lagos big boy like that. Seeing Funke and Aigbovbioise together, one promptly thinks of matches made in Heaven, sparked on Earth, and rivaling the grandest fireworks of both worlds. As is the case with many a quick assumption, one would be wrong.

Funke especially did not always have it good. Not quite. Marital bells have once been rung over her, although they died down rather quickly. It is general knowledge that she was once married to Ogbeni Abiodun ‘Abby’ Kuku. The loud wedding ceremony in 2011 only added to the wonder with which their marriage collapsed under the weight of irreconcilable differences, in 2013.

Although Abby has moved on, it was always believed that Funke would remain an unmarried babe. But shame on all those envious owls who would think that.

Aigbovbioise himself has not been the luckiest of chaps regarding choice partners for life. In fact, there was a time when his friends and family took to their knees to pray that he won’t remain on the bachelor throne for life, content to be an unmarried bobo.

And so this is the journey of these two, a love story kept from public eyes. It must be said that Aigbovbioise has chosen wisely, not only because he might have less tax wahala – since Daddy Funke, who is Oga Tunde Fowler, is the boss of Federal Inland Revenue Services.

May they keep whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, and the glow of love and marriage never grow dull.