Ambode, Obasa Tiff Continues

Akinwunmi Ambode

There are very many interesting things about goats. They do not make a difference between males and females when spotting excellent goalies. They are relentless, reeking busybodies. Of more concern to us is that when they eat, they eat in peace and quiet. And when they argue among themselves, quarrel or lock their horns, they bleat their throats sour.

Ambode and Obasa have been making waves for a while now. Naturally, when it is the business of good honest folks, you hear nothing about it. But put affluent politicians on the very same pedestal and you have a ruckus akin to our ceremony of bleating goats.

Baa baa baa tiff, have you any wool? Indeed it has. It was not much of a surprise when the quarrel between former Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode and Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, Nigerian lawyer, politician, member of All Progressives Congress and incumbent Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly broke into the open.

Especially, this is not the first time these men are locking horns. Their bloody tiff has been festering for a long time, even during Ambode’s tenure as governor of Lagos state. Not too long after his vacating government seat, it was alleged that Ambode Allegedly gave ₦500 million for some members to impeach the speaker. For those who have always wondered, here’s a paltry estimate of the cost of a Seat. Those close to the former governor denied the story, especially since Obasa got to keep his Scepter and Rod.

The matter is not altogether different this time, only that the stakes are high – literally and figuratively. Recently, a Lagos High Court in Ikeja ordered the House of Assembly Speaker to appear before it in connection with the ongoing probe of procurement of 820 buses by the administration of baba Ambode. It would not be interesting if that were all. But Nigerian politics does not disappoint.

The court proceedings have endeavoured to complicate the whole thing under judicial jargon but here’s the gist: whatever was procured was clearly captured within the Appropriation Act of 2018 and even approved by the same House. In fact, Ambode maintained that the same lawyers who now accuse him of procuring the said buses outside the budget approved it in the first place.