Oracle Advises Organisations to Adopt AI Technology


By Emma Okonji

Oracle Nigeria, a technology solution company for enterprise and small businesses has stressed the need for organisations to adopt full scale front-end to back-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to deliver improved and integrated customer experiences.

Applications Sales Director, Oracle Nigeria, Oludare Ogunlade, in a statement, explained that by leveraging artificial intelligence on many modern core systems, organisations could unlock significant value not only for their customers but for themselves.

Addressing one of the leading AI use cases in customer service, Ogunlade said, “When chatbots, for instance, are used in this area of the business, they can reduce the cost to serve customers while improving the response time, consistency, and quality of customer interactions.

“Similar benefits arise when the chatbot is customer-facing or when used by agents themselves to augment their knowledge.
“It’s not just about chatbots – automation across both sales and marketing processes can improve quote-to-cash turnaround times and reduce administrative workloads. Additionally, it allows for a level of personalised messaging to customers that were previously unachievable.”

Recently, at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in the United States, Oracle unveiled AI-voice for enterprise, which includes a series of new features to its cloud applications, including its supply chain management, human capital management, customer experience and enterprise resource planning tools.

The enhancements include a number of new or improved AI-driven features, such as the expansion of the Oracle Digital Assistant.
According to Ogunlade, “Enterprises are demanding an AI-powered voice assistant that understands their specific vocabulary and enables naturally expressive interactions for its users.

“The combination of natural language processing, natural language understanding, and custom machine learning algorithms, allow Oracle Digital Assistant to understand a user’s natural conversation, derive intent, produce logical compositional forms, and identify and learn user behaviour patterns in order to proactively take action on behalf of the user.”

The Oracle Digital Assistant has proven to improve service delivery to prospective students at the University of Adelaide where the Director of Prospect Management at the university, Catherine Cherry, stated, “The International Eligibility chatbot has enabled us to improve our student experience for international students. With this brand-new service, we can answer the most critical question prospects will ask us.”

Addressing value creation, using AI, Ogunlade added that much had been made of the abilities of AI to bring significant value to the customer.

“AI can produce repeatable, scalable, and reliable outcomes for customers, improving their overall experience. However, AI can also deliver enormous efficiency through various lines of business and across roles, creating a more streamlined organisation that can shift their focus to creating client value,” Ogunlade said, adding that more organisations are moving to the cloud to cut costs and improve operational efficiency by using AI and cognitive technologies.