Admiralty Mall Opens in Lekki Phase I


The retail and shopping space in Lekki phase 1 is set to get a boost with the planned opening of a world class mall known as ‘Admiralty Mall.’ The mall which is jointly developed by one of Nigeria’s leading real estate development firm, Dreamspace Limited in conjunction with Horizontal Capital Investment Limited has been described as a welcome development by the residents of Lekki. Industry watchers and estate managers have said, when it is opened to the public, the mall would be aesthetically enhancing, adding value to the environment and properties in the neighbourhood.

Construction work for the Admiralty Mall will be completed andready for the public first quarter of 2020. With many years of experience and great strides in building world class facilities such as the present Maryland Mall and other top notch luxury apartments/ recreational facilities across the country. The developers of the projects with eyes for details are ensuring that the Admiralty Mall turns out to be one of the most secured, pleasant and spacious mall in the Lekki environment.

Speaking to the media, the CEO of Dreamspaces Development Limited, Tunji Abdul, said:” With over 10 years’ experience with property developments in Lagos and Abuja like the Maryland Mall Ikeja, the Art Hotel in Oniru, Victoria Island, the Harrow Park Golf Club in Abuja as well as other housing developments in Lagos to mention a few. We have over the years developed capabilities in building world class facilities and those that would be occupying the facility would be impressed. ”

“The Lekki Admiralty Mall is going to be a top notch five-star project located in the prestigious area of Lekki phase 1, Lagos Nigeria. The development features about 33 retail stores with an average size of 30sm per store, set across 3 floors and 35 parking spaces. This project, which would be out for rent /lease at the nearest time, it promises to have some of the most prominent local and global brands”, Abdul added.

When open, the mall’s Food and Beverage offerings will feature a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and quick service food concepts. The food court area will feature several outlets, with a complete range of dining preferences. With several full service casual dining concepts. Some of these eat outs and restaurants will also have roof top terraces with amazing views. There are also office spaces and halls also for the corporate tenants and financial houses that would be interested in the property.

“The Mall is in close proximity with prominent hotels and establishments such as Lilygate Hotel, Sailors Lounge, Bay Lounge and Upbeat Activity Center. With the opening of this mall, we have tried to address the need for most Lekki residents by bringing great shopping experience at their doorstep instead of going to Oniru or outside Lekki phase 1 for shopping”, Tunji, Kayode Ojebiyi, the Associate Partner of Dreamspaces Development concluded.