AIB: How Bristow Helicopter Developed Engine Failure


Chinedu Eze

The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) revealed yesterday that a chopper operated by Bristow Helicopters for offshore service, was rescued when it developed engine failure while airborne and was guided to land at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa by the pilot.

The incident, which happened on October 25, was disclosed by the accident investigation body after the initial investigation.

A senior AIB official said that although the incident involved engine failure, nobody was injured, as the helicopter landed intact without injuries to those onboard.

Spokesman of Accident Investigation Bureau, Tunji Oketunbi who confirmed the incident, said in a statement that there was a serious incident involving a Bristow helicopter in Port Harcourt on the 25 October, 2019. “We dispatched our investigators to site immediately.

The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) have been retrieved. It is a serious incident since they declared emergency. We have commenced Investigation,” Oketunbi added.

THISDAY learnt that the regional office of AIB in Port Harcourt is in charge of the investigation.